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Setting up a business address and managing inbound mail & parcels couldn’t be easier!

Greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

Waiting around for mail and parcels to arrive can be a pain! Using your private address for mail can create privacy issues. And Post Office boxes can’t be used for items that need a signature on delivery.

To solve these problems, we turned our heads to the principle of the sharing economy. If popular apps can get us a shared ride, or shared accommodation, why couldn’t we design a system and an app to help people share addresses for mailing and business purposes? After all, more and more people nowadays travel frequently or work from a home address that they don’t want to disclose.

YS Express allows you to ‘rent’ a commercial street address – unique to your business –without the associated overheads of a physical office. You can even rent multiple addresses to boost your marketing presence.

As well as receiving mail and parcels, YS Express provides services such as mail scanning, online storage of scanned files, physical storage of mail and parcels, and forwarding services. We can also sign for deliveries and then forward them to a PO Box address.

Our app to let you can seamlessly request services from your PC or your phone – wherever you are. Our aim is to make business simpler and your life easier.

What Our Clients Say


YS Express is absolutely a ‘gem‘. We Used their service for years. Mailbox is always safe and clear. Highly recommend!

Kristy Brooks

Last month, we wished to do the SEO work. But our business is a mobile detailing business, which means we could not have a business address. We found the YS Express and then rented a virtual address. This is an amazing service that allows us to optimize our business in a simple way. Thanks YS Express!

Jason Mark

Friendly customer service and fair price. Would definitely recommend this business to my friends.

Barbara Simonds
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